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Default ***Virus Searches and Downloads That Don't Work ***

I have very good up to date antivirus software, spy sweeper software, ad-aware software, bugdoctor software and registry mechanic software. So I would say I'm pretty well covered for all eventualities.

Yet, whenever I do a seach for a program, all I seem to keep getting is this bessed file size virus (851.7KB) displayed in the results list. I have tried doing the double click on 'size' tag as has been suggested by 'Lord Of The Rings' but it makes no difference.
On the odd occassion I have download a large program file, I then find out that it doen't work, which really makes me mad.

I have no problems with Mp3 files just programs.

Is there anything that can be done? otherwise there is not allot of point having this software if I can only download music files.


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