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Default Re: Re: File sharing

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Only A Hobo
[B]What you should do is go to Limewire's options or preferences>saving and you will see where your downloads are being saved. Then go to options or preferences >sharing and you will see a list of folders you are sharing. I have a feeling there should be one and it should be the same as your save folder.

this is good info.... if you go to tools > options > saving (it's the 1st page usually) it shows you what hard drive and the file name where your files are being saved (default is c:\program files\ limewire\shared limewire .... I have moved mine, i believe it was here) this page should show you where to look for any downloads thru limewire since you have to download to the folders listed...

and for those who do not want to share.... if you are really on a 56k modem.... i wouldnt share due to speeds but it would be nice if you moved your files to another folder so they dont show up when qued for... i allow 5 slots and 2 per person since i have good speed.... the law is the law and like glass it was made to be pushed from time to time .....
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