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i tried all the tips and at first it seemed to be bang on, taking my ave d/l speed up from 20 kbs right up to the 70s 80s, even 94 kbs!


now about 15 mins later im looking at 40 kbs for 1 file, and then 9 kbs for another file - both being d/l simultaneously...

now do i have to do more tweaking? in which case i'll happily supply some more details.

or is this to be expected, that the max d/l speed will go up and down and up etc etc


correction: now only a few hours later, im struggling to muster 4/5 kbs 0 i've tried changing my maximum downloads several times and nothings changing....

how can i tell what type of internet connection i have in order to choose the right option in "speed" ?

and what is a "file with many sources" i can download to test my speed?

please help a newbie.... i cant help that im a newbie!

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