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Default Size Filter Please



I would also like to see a size filter, but in addition to a range filter (which I am sure some would find helpful) I would like a specific file size filter (like the specific word/phrase or IP address filter). It would be nice to filter out 0.0 size files, and much if not most of the junk/spam on the network has 4-5 specific file sizes.

I would also like to have filters on the search page to filter out certain key words. It is a pain to have to fill these in on the Options:/Filters section and then remember to go back and remove them later.

The files being downloaded have a nice *.dat file that allows the user to retore the download files upon startup of Limewire. How about giving us a way to save and restore our searches? If I am using aproximately the same searches several days in a row, it is a pain to type them all in everytime I need to restart Limewire.

Thanks, especially if you add these suggestions,

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