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Default I wish it was that easy

I doesn't work, but it's the thought that counts right. I didn't think of trying that untill I read your reply Hobo.

Nero somehow can play them from within the folder but I can't add the folder or the songs when burning an audioCD

I can move the folder around as I wish but can't move any of the songs out of the folder+ I tried adding the entire folder to the burnlist. Didn't work either.

I tried going to the site that was in the filename. Of course it was in spanish, so I had to guess more than read what it said. I did find a email-address there and have tried sending an e-mail asking to please send me the password for the songs. Just hope he understands english. I just wonder if he will give out the password to just anyone (fingers crossed)

Until then I was counting on that someone here might know of some great passwordcracker, or some way to get around it
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