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Originally posted by cathodraytube
im not 100% ..but i think you can compleatly get around all this sony/DRM BS by clicking NO to the EULA thing when you put one of these discs in your computer.

by doing that you dont install any software. and if it DOSE install somthing without your "consent" even if you clicked no and dont agree to sonys licence crap....YOU can sue the pants off SONY.

(i think)
Actually, this HAPPENED, and that's why Sony/BMG are sued!

They installed their rootkit, even if you rejected their EULA. Not only you could not play the CD, but the rootkit was installed, and then opened a listening port that HAS been exploited by remote virus and PC hijackers.

Then Sony released a "fix" that was even worse and less secured than the rootkit initially present on the CD. By installing the "fix", younot only removed the rootkit, but you agreed with its EULA that states that you use the fix at your own risk. Sony wants to convince you that it is notresponsible, but it forgets to say that the fix it proposes actually installs a new software that will wait for instructions from ANY source in the Internet.

This "fix" (actually an ActiveX component) was ALSO used by virus and PC hijackers.

The Sony/BMG even is the worst thing that happened in the media industry. It demonstrates that the DRM technology it defends is not safe, not developed according to basic security standards, and that these media actually lie in their licences, lie to their legitimate customers, and spy on them illegally.

The effect of this is that now many organizations have banned ALL music CDs on work places (or have removed CD/DVD players from their workstations, and now also remove floppies, disconnect the USB and Firewire ports, disable PCMCIA ports on notebooks, password protect the BIOS to apply these restrictions).

The only way to save your work is now via the private LAN (when it works, and the system admin is effectively doing his work to change the storage tapes. You can't save multiple times during day, and every one now depends on a single system admin(whose work and competence is supposed to be always better, safer and faster than yours).
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