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Default question. please help

I have almost 2GB of files in my shared folder.

now just about a month maybe two months i lost all my files, due to a reformat, i was able to get them all back with a file recover program, problem was they all came back with no name just sectors and numbers. I spent the better part of two weeks going through them all and titling them again. i was wondering if anybody can tell me why almost all of my shares when i hold the mouse key over them, sombody elses web address is on there. i check my files all the time and never once had anything come up, now my files have all this stuff i didn't put there and someone elses website.. can somebody please tell me why? and how my files all got renamed? please.. I spent alot of time on my files and it took me over a month to get them back, and almost as long to name them again.. please help, Ahead of time I'm truley sorry if i posted this in the wrong area, first time user for the forum..

thank you kindly
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