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Default placement of the ".limewire" directory

i posted this in another forum.. but i guess nobody with very much knowledge looks at that one.. so hopefully somebody in here knows more or is even a developer who i was told looks at these forums...

does anybody know why limewire was programmed to place the what looks like the user configuration data ".limewire" folder in a location relative to the desktop location?

i had a different path for the desktop location on all my computers and limewire keeps putting the ".limewire" folder in the desktops parent folder.. which would be the correct folder if my paths were the default paths. why in the world wouldnt the folder be placed according to the "%userprofile%" path itself instead of a less significant folder "%userprofile%/desktop"... it makes no sense..

so as of right now in order to keep using limewire i have all my desktop paths on all my computers set back to the default.. and i dont want that... so if anybody that knows a lot about this or any limewire developers can help me ide appreciate it..

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