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oh, no, I am 100% positive i had no virus, i switched hard drives from and 80gb to 160gb, my external drive that has all my info was the one that I accidently reformatted, I was installing win xp pro, when it asked which partion i wanted to delete i didn't know my external was on, thats how It go reformated.. yes I smacked myself a million times for that one.. I used magic recover and thats how I got everything back, the only problem is the recovery promram recovered my files but it didn't recover there names, it renamed everything like this (sector 73175168) so I had to open every file and give it the right name back. now my files are fine.
I could hold my mouse over them and all I got was there name and file size, and when I did that in limewire nothing at all came up, now it's only been two days since i las checked, last night when I checked them they had all this info and someonelses web page, I just wanted to know how that happened? and why?

thank you
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