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Red face hard to believe

Although I've seen mixed results with xolox, it works fine with the right tweaks. I've never encountered an access violation message and I run Xolox on 3 machines of my own. If Xolox was sooo bad, why are you still using it after so many weeks?

Ho-hum, so Xolox has a memory leak, big deal. Large files and constant up/downloads exploit this flaw. It's been mentioned in this forum multiple times and explained with great precision and fact.

Since I loaded Memturbo (a suggestion from a forum member), I have not experienced a single problem with Xolox. For what it's worth, my 'always on' pc shares 200 gig, on an 800mh P3 with Win 98se over cable. It has xolox, bearshare, and war-ftp running and I haven't rebooted this pc since September.

Could Xolox stand a patch? Sure. So can't most of the other file sharing programs I've used. Can it work just fine without forum theatrics? I think so. Do your homework.

Thank You