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Default Not using it anymore

>> Why are you still using it after all these weeks.

I'm not. I switched to eDonkey a week ago and it's been running with nary a single error since.

I only stuck with XoloX for as long as I did out of hope that the programmers would actually release a new version.

This might be incorrect, but I think part of the problem was that the programmers *did* release a couple of new versions, but didn't update the version number or the link on the home page (or even put up a message about it). I saw another post in one of the forums that indicated this had happened.

I did not have the 'automatically update' box checked, but instead checked the home page regularly in hopes of a new release. That way, I have more control over when the version changes and can keep better tabs as to which problems occur under which versions of software.

Anyway, I'm not so sure I wasn't installing an 'older' 1.12 than the ones you guys were running. If that is the case, shame on the authors for not at least putting a 'b', 'c', etc on the end of the versions.

It doesn't matter anymore anyway - I've found eDonkey to be a much better in general. And as for gnutella, plenty of other clients are now adding multi-sourcing features.