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Old December 8th, 2001
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I've been using XoloX and Edonkey together for months now. Alot of files have crossed over between the two platforms because of me I guess. I find I get better results if I use the two together.

Edonkey for all the big files, like movies. XoloX for Mp3's, although I've gotten many 600+ meg file off XoloX . XoloX is also great for exetended searching.

Problems all these people seem to have with XoloX...
I wont get into this subject as would proably come across as rude. XoloX runs spiffy for me. Always has.

I'll share my files on XoloX to the very end. If this is really the end, maybe it's the begining of something better, maybe a open sorce public domain p2p client. Now there's food for thought.