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Old December 10th, 2001
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DubStar: havnt had that problem yet so I dont know what could be causing that...

But the Ultrapeer functionality is acting a little weird. I'll connect and maybe at first it'll connect to the max num of regular peers, ok fine. Then after a few mins, it drops and etc it'll find an Ultrapeer to connect to. So it drops all other connections and stays connected to the Ultrapeer. Then everything is cool and it'll drop the Ultrapeer connection and repeat the process I just described (I can actually sit and watch it do this in 2 minutes time atleast 2 times). Not really sure what is going on. Another thing is when I am connected to a Ultrapeer and execute a search the Input on the connection is like ~5-9 KB/s until I pretty much get all of the results back. Is the throughput suppose to be that high? I mean thats even when it indicates it has 1 hosts (assuming 1 other Ultrapeer connected to it?). I was thinking maybe it dropped the connection b/c of bandwidth usage b/c you guys implemented the new upload options and they were not optimize correctly. I have cable access and 6 sim. uploads going @ >4KB/s lags my ***. So it drops connections and gets everything in a mess. But anyways after that first search it drops the connection and repeats with the connection situation I was talking about in the above. But as far as not searching for anything the I/O is very low ~0.05 KB/s at max. So what are your ideas Adam?