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Mr. Jones- Modem users have a long way to go before they become rare, so this problem will not just disappear on its own. Modem users represent a much greater percentage than 20% of Gnutella users.

I use a Modem, and you'd be surprised how much a modem user can share if they want to. I have several popular movie soundtracks, and I have upload requests almost constantly. As long as I am not downloading anything myself, I can upload several lmedium-size mp3 files withing an hour. To tell the honest truth, if I were to keep an actual record, there would be more bandwidth used uploading than bandwidth used for downloading. I've got over 3 GBs of stuff, and most of it's popular. Never let it be said that all modem users are freeloaders. Judge people (or <b>nodes</b> for you socially impaired) by their character, not by their class.
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