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ultracross, it would suit you very well to accept that you were wrong. From what you write I get the strange idea that you do not even understand your own words.

You write this:
"it was the microsoft code which allowed the vulnerability"

and at the same time you claim it's impossible to get infected through pictures? Please explain what's the effective difference? The effect is exactly the same. Actually this is even more dangerous as it's very hard to protect yourself against it. Just being smart won't help.
Such flaws are of course more severe by magnitudes if they exist in Microsoft products because that's what virtually everybody uses nowadays.

There's no point in bashing Microsoft here. Such flaws exist in all kinds of software and
not just software for Windows. Software for Linux, Mac OS etc. has often the same kind of vulnerabilities. I suggest
you read bugtraq for a while:

It is somehow ironic that just a moment after my first reply,
the now well-known WMF bug was discovered or rather published. There is really no reason to call the average user a "dumbass". With these kind of bugs the user does not have to do anything "wrong".

I beg you, ultracross and others, stop spreading your *dangerous* smattering. Finally, for those who think they can clean their systems from worms and viruses on-the-fly using some tool, read this:

Even Microsoft is smart enough to comprehend this.
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