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Thanks for the response, I think lot of people will want to know how OOL are responding to this issue. If you use the forum search button above & type in the word Optimum then you'll find all the other threads regarding this issue. There's a no. of them, & a lot of people who have responded (which doesn't take into account the no. of people who have visited those threads without responding despite it related to them - be they guests or members of the forum.)

Not totally related but a discussion by people in regards to a similar topic, see which discusses reasons why some USA ISP's are under pressure to limit bandwidth because they're simply running out of it for consistent offerings. So the so-called unlimited is somehow becoming limited because the isp is feeling the pinch during peak use. But they fabribate reasons because otherwise they'd be in breach of contract with you in what they're 'supposed' to be offering & "actually" supplying you.

In most parts of the world, breach of contract means they should refund you what you paid since they're not upkeeping what they were offering in their contract. They made the offer, you accepted!!! That is the basis of any contract. They advertised their terms of service. They're not upkeeping their side of the contract. They're secretly shaping your p2p use. If you were using a net game or video conferencing which also use high bandwidth, then it may well be the same. USA isp's also put gamers under pressure. They receive the exact same types of issues. I've seen many such issues on their gaming forums.

Edit: They'd be quick & happy to announce to you if you breached your contract with them. But they're not about to announce to you or make anything obvious about breaching their contract with you! To the contrary! Particularly since they were the offerers of the contract.

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