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Unhappy huge file sizes/verifying file contents

Hi guys,

maybe you can help me on this, I'm facing quite a limewire problem and I haven't found any help in the forums:
I'm using 4.10 Pro and am mainly downloading avi files (tv series), about 300-400 MBs of size. In fact there are two problems, I don't know if they are interrelated:

When the files go into "veryfing file contents" the green bar goes up and sometimes passes way beyond 100%, up to 400%, then sometimes works its way backwards, but never actually releases these files as completed. The file however seems to work in Windows Media Player.

The other problem: about half of my files are turned into size 3 to 4 Gigabytes! They seem to download normal (with size 300-400MB), sometimes finish properly, sometimes with the problem as above, but they are just incredibly large in Windows in my folders. Obviously, this slows my computer down immensely and Limewire is often on the edge of crashing. My computer is not the newest but I guess the file sizes just kill it. Most of these files I cannot load into Windows Movie Maker to compress them back down.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance, jo
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