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I've heard of the 1st issue before. I'm not sure there is any answer. I thought it was a bug LW got rid of.

For the 2nd issue, I'm not sure but I'm guessing it's because you're previewing the files in LW. If you do this, it creates a preview file called: eg: PREVIEW - my holiday.avi
This file will be about the size of the video at the time you previewed it. Sometimes preview files might be larger. So ... after previewing or after completing downlding, go to the incomplete folder (go to Library window, select incomplete & select preview file & press delete. A safer way is select incomplete folder, press Explore button & this will open the folder for you after which you can send the preview files to the recycle bin.

Personally I preview them from outside of LW by opening the video file from the incomplete folder. Also, as I just tried, you can launch them from the incomplete folder in the library window & this will not create a preview file!

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