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When downlding video files, use Bitzi; How to use Bitzi Web Lookup ..., to see what user-feedback there is ... if there is any. Others might have reported similar things.

Check your system over. It sounds to me like you have directory damage. ie: the system is not able to calculate the sizes of files properly. I know of mac OS utilities that can repair this but I'm not sure about windows. Norton utilities is definitely one that can repair it. It might be worth asking Norbie in the general area of his site; see NorbiesWorld (click on link). Directory damage is not so much the system as the partition directories, or at least this is how it is on a mac, on windows it "might" be more-so registry related I don't know. So it might just be a single partition that has damage. Try copying the file to another partition to see if you have the same file size issue.

Here's an example of a mac utility which explains how such damage occurs & can be repaired:

Before posting on Norbie's site, try runnng his highly recommended Crap Cleaner to see if this makes any difference.
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