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Default I'm searching my own shared folders?

I've been using LW for a couple of years and upgraded to LW4.9.37 Pro last Oct. About a week ago while searching I started seeing a number of items with 4 blue stars in the Quality column. Thinking these must be some kind of special I looked more closely and realized they were files from one of my shared folders. This has happened a couple of times but not everytime.

At other times my own files show up as completed downloads. Remember, these are files I have had in my shared folders for sometime. I DO NOT shared my completed download folder until I have evaluated what they are.

Neither of these situations occur regularly. Just on odd number Wednesdays and Holidays that fall on Thursdays. I have not changed any options.

I couldn't have missed this for the past two years! Could I?

I don't mind this feature. Keeps me from downloading something I already have. But--
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