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Default sberlin I think you are correct

My last post was Thursday. Magically, today is Friday. Also, magically, without any changes, and LW being on continuously, my searches are no longer showing files from my shared folders.

Birdy--Where did you get the info on blue stars? My LAN consists of me and my wife and she is not running LW. Yes, I would expect to get fast downloads from myself. Never tried it but I certainly will next Wed or Thur or whenever LW decides to offer me my own files.

I tried an experiment one time by running LW on both computers. I had noticed a popular file people tried to upload usually resulted in Transfer Interrupted. Thinking LW might be showing the file as corrupted, I listened to it carefully and then ran it through a program (sort of a spectrum analyzer) to see if there was anything obviously wrong. The file appeared to be ok. So, I tried downloading it from my wifes machine. Searches never displayed the file (in effect I was searching for my own files). Same external ISP but different ports and different internal ISPs. I thought I had proven to myself that I could not search my own files!

I quit worrying about it because I saw most Transfer Interrupted notices were coming from users of brand xx software.
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