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Default Re: Bearshare 2.4.0 beta..

Originally posted by Becker
Thats right.. gots muti source downloads to download it..
I think a distinction should be made between multi-source and multi-segmented(swarmed) downloads,users may be under the impression the multi-source feature in the new Bearshare beta is the same as the downloads feature in FastTrack,Xolox or the 1.9 Limewire beta,but no,Bearshares interpretation of multi-source means downloads are still via one host,but other hosts may be available if one download fails...yet you are always downloading from only one host.This feature has been available in Gnucleus,Gnotella and Limewire for months,so kudos to Bearshare for catching up....
According to swarmed downloads are not too far off,welome to the future....
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