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Default Roller coaster download speeds, terrible upload speeds

I'm currently using Windows XP MCE on Rogers Extreme cable(5000/800 advertised, 3000/800 reality) and am currently not connected to a router and have Norton Internet Security and McAfee AntiSpyware disabled.

First thing is first, my download speeds, especially considering my connection, are pathetic. I am trying to download a movie with 50- 100 sources (using 4-7) and are rollercoasting from 50kb/s to 0kb/s. It will sit a 0, then rocket its way up to about 50, then slowly tumble its way back down to 0. Lather, rince, and repeat.

While not as important, my upload speeds even worse. Generally it will be at 0, but may sometimes find itself at a whopping 1kb/s!!! Usually it is stuck at 0, but as I mentioned above I unplugged my router and disabled all security software. I'd like to get it working under these conditions before I turn back up the security.


PS: I also updated tot he latest version of Limewire as well.
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