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Question Malicious Adware

I am a new user of limewire and after dloading it and running some spyware programs I discovered that there are 3 adware programs included in the original limewire program. I have requested info on them two times and have received no response. Might be a good idea if everyone checked their systems for this adware (Kaaza, and Savenow). I wonder if limewire knows of this problem or do they just make promises about no spyware, adware or trojan horses friviliously. The first dload I was infected with a worm which was in the software from lime wire too. This is my first experience with this program and thought I might like to go pro, however with these problems I dont know if I can continue to run it at all.
Note: I have removed the adware programs from my computer which dloaded with the limewire program and the program seems to still work ok. My spyware program still lists limewire as an adware program, however.
Hope this isnt a problem and hope it helps everyone. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has dloaded the 4.10.9 and had adware infections from the limewire site.
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