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Default spy ware use

Thanks for the update LOR. I am well aware of the many problems that many "useful" programs create. However, as a new user of LW you have to admit that when all of the programs I have used in the past 25 years havent given me this kind of message it gives me some reason for worry. I use 4 ad ware spy ware programs. I find that spybot search and destroy is not active enough to find problems, I do have it running though. I also use spyware blaster which is recommended by spybot as the next step in security. I use a program which is very active called webroot spy sweeper. This program catches everything, it isnt free and is a premium program. The last program I use is called spyware snooper, another premium program and it is not free. It will also catch things that spybot and spyware blaster will not even think about. So, sorry if I asked a question that has been discussed a million times before. Seems that LW would just put it as a warning on the web page to eliviate this issue altogether. Your comments still dont address the issue of the two ad ware programs within the software called "kazza and savenow." I just removed the infections from my machine and will use, but continue to watch LW for problems.
Thanks again.
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