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Originally posted by Moak
John does constantly post this unfounded statement about freeloading. Currently we have a statistics from Oct 2000 [1], which says 70% of Gnutella users share no files. Is any other information available?

[1] Free riding on Gnutella -
Oh yes that article. That was written over a year ago and gnutella at the time wasnt in really good shape. I mean some news sites have posted stories about gnutella dieing within a few months. There wasnt as many people using back then and the gnutella servents out at that time werent easy to use.

Its a great piece of gnutella history but about thats it. I dont think it would be wise to make decisions about gnutella today based on a year old report using year old statistics. If someone comes out with a new report then that would be useful and that would be better to base ideas off of.

On anti-freeloading i still dont agree with it. The ideas behind it all want to restrict, place limitations that is not what P2P and file sharing is about. Look at napster they never had any anti-freeloading rectrictions and they had one of the highest sharing rates of all. So increaseing the number of people that share can be done without elborate plans that emphasize restricting users. Also as i said in other posts in this thread i think people will share more when gnutella itself is improved and is more efficent.
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