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Default Update, help for Kerjak

An update to my earlier post, which stated it was 2 weeks. I finally received my full refund about a week after my original post.

Now, kerjak, details on the company is huge. What is their name, website, etc. make sure you make copies of the guarantee on their site. I'm sure that you will want to speak with them in person, but I'm also sure that they'll have some type contact info email, online form, etc. to inform them of your refund request. This is a MUST DO IMMEDIATELY!! I agree that calling may be required but you must get the ball rolling with the first email contact in the required time frame. These company's general switch numbers so often that if it comes down to it, you say that the number you called was no longer active. Another word of advice, every time you visit the site right down the contact information (phone, email, etc). You will be amazed at how fast and how often they change. This can be your advantage if you tell them a list of phone numbers that they have used.

In wrapping up, you will more than likely need to call to get any where with these un-company's, but the fact that you showed an effort to contact them will go a long way to protecting your ***...ets....

Hope this helps, keep us informed......
Good luck,

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