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Thanks for info guys. I can't find e-mail adress for these bunch of w#nkers and they don't have live web chat listed. Only way to contact them is to phone US and that will probably cost me just as much on phone bill. Their web address is I've contacted CC comapany and they will dispute but not holding out for a refund. Might get back the money I paid for "Pro" as this is technically theft. I got limewire just ended up paying 14.88 for the pleasure. CC company get about 3-4 calls per day about these and they advised they know what they are doing. They say they answer every call witinn 90 seconds, their toll free number is 1-866-978-5522. Feel free to call them and give them some abuse on my behalf. This is the link they use from Google Thet also have a 1OO% 7 day no quibble money back guarantee with a $9.95 handling charge which I never read originally. So that charge (5.60) plus phone call to get it probably not worth bothering about.

Never mind you live and learn. you know it's not so much the money it's my pride that's hurt, can't believe I got done like that. Thanks for the replies/advice fellow limewires.


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