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I was commenting on anti-freeloading in general. Realize that when i say anti-freeloading i mean features that do mean to add restriction or other elborate plans to force users to share. Other more logical ideas i consider performance and uploading features that encourage sharing but doesnt force you.

However ill be more than happy to comment on what was recently posted.

I agree with all the points that you and fist brought up.

The problem is that gnutella hasnt really intregrated modem users very well however with things like supernodes im happy to say thats changing. Since around 2-3 kilobytes which is the average i use are used on just keeping 4 host connections that only leaves about 2-3 kilobytes free to download and upload.

I expect supernodes and swarming to drastically change this.

Im on 56k modem and im sharing about a 1000 files. Mostly low file size files like jpg wallpapers and some midi files.
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