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Default Kerching, Kerching

Called them today and I'm getting a refund in 10 days apparently. Spoke to "Jennifer", I sound more American, than she did. She told me I would get refund minus 5.60 "cancellation charge". I lied and told her i had a copy of agreement befor joining and that it never mentioned anything about cancellation charges. She kind of ignored this fact 3 or 4 times then I said fine I would be contacting my CC company. Did the trick, she said full refund in 10 days or so.

If anyone has to call the States from UK checkout they will give you special dialling "prefixes" for international calls. The charges appear on your normal phone bill. For phoning Jennifer and her pals it will only cost 3p per minute total at anytime of the day.

Thanks again people for all help/advice on this forum, appreciate it. Pity my first visit to forum was not of a "happier" nature because of these thieving twats. I can get on with using FREE limewire now.


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