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Default Part 1b

And from the downld perspective, the image below shows what sort of issues arise. There seems to be a lack of grouping ... much less than there used to be. I was forced to rename the files to downld them (putting a no. in their name such as xxx2.ext) Despite being the same file, LW sees them as being different. Identical name & size. Previously LW would group those even if they did have a variation in name as the sample below should be.

(The sample file below is a file I've been searching for for 12 mths. And finally I was able to find some with some odd searches. But they were unreliable to downld with varying speeds between 1-20 KB/s. Becoming busy host frequently, etc. until they went offline. And then finding others. This has all happened over the past 24-36 hrs in this example. I browsed most. They were definitely different ip's, though funnily I was sometimes able to find another directly after I totally lost a previous connection.)
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