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The best way to help is by not introducing big-brother censorship or any other central controls!!!

Sure, you make it "hard-to-impossible for spammers/scammers...blah, blah, blah" - what you are doing is simple censorship. What happens if I want to send people to my site so that they can register to my fan club - do I have to ask for YOUR permission/authorization?

What is coming next - will Limewire charge me for that? What’s really going to happen is that LW or the RIAA or the government (see what they’re doing to google now) will decide what can be seen on the network. Next thing LW will start collecting our ip addresses for “our own protection”.

We have been there before - this is a slippery slope: we know where it starts and we have a pretty good idea where it will end.

PLEASE DO NOT put any CENTRAL controls/filtering - we are smart enough to protect ourselves. We are also smart enough to switch to a different application if you start censoring and controlling us.