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Stief & I checked out the filter the other day. We see how it works. It's effective for the purpose. And who wants to end up on a marketing url (where they log you & then possibly spam/ddos you.)

Didn't notice any detrimental effect so far. Even searching for common & very popular videos & tunes. So it's a polite implementation. lol Unless it's my imagination, 4.11.0 seems to have some improved search abilities. I noticed this as soon as trying it & seems to remain the same. Perhaps it's a subtle improvement.

So the comments by others above don't mean much as it's obvious they haven't even tried it.

I'm still suffering the same issues as discussed earlier. I haven't as yet deleted my prefs or tried it in another account as I was busy on a mission so to speak on a personal quest of the grail. I will get around to it. As it's not a very happy bug on my system. Just annoying I guess. I'll report back after I've done this. (BTW there was improvement running in another virgin account whilst using 4.10.5 but I didn't seem to be suffering the issue I am now at that time. I had less shares & incompletes which made a difference. Increasing the shares did make a reasonable difference re: VM. But I'm aware lots of incompletes also causes Java issues.)