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LotR - polite implementation is one that does not bring control. period.

Not only i tried 4.11, i even looked at the code and guess what: the private key signature file is not part of the installation BUT it is required in order to verify the content's signature. This is what i define as centralized control and i bet that Limewire plans to charge us to get access to it.

BTW, this is REALLY bad for them as it proves that they can selectively filter content on their network. The RIAA will be all over them in seconds and demand that they implement this for every non-DRM'd file.
Such central control and content censorship is EXACTLY what the RIAA is looking for - implementing it is the kiss of death to Limewire.

zab - i am not a spammer. I love this network and i love this client - just leave it open. Any type of big-brother censorship is BAD BAD BAD and will result in users leaving the network and the RIAA taking ownership of it.