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Thumbs down File Not Found errors on Upload screen

I think I've found an easily reproducible bug in Limewire 2.0-beta:
I move a shared file from the root of my shared folder to a sub-directory. In Limewire's Library screen, I refresh the view of both affected folders so that the file shows up in the right place. But then, in the Upload screen, I start seeing "File Not Found" errors for that file.

So, Limewire is not tracking the change in file location correctly. Or, if the Gnutella protocol includes the path in the file-request, it's not correctly re-interpreting it.
- Tony

P.S. Yes, I have a copy of Limewire 2.0 Pro but I don't want to shutdown my beta copy now that I'm an Ultrapeer!

P.P.S. Please implement a Downloads count in the Library view (ala Bearshare).