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Angry Any Form of Gnutella Client kills internet connection

I recently switched from sbc/at&t DSL to comcast cable internet. When I did, I lost use of the limewire I had been using for many years with no problems. I am now on Comcast with a Linksys WCG200 Modem/Router/WAP. I say all Gnutella Clints because I initialy suspected Limewire. So I tried Frostwire, then Bearshare, all to the same result. When ever I connect to any Gnutella client, after a few minutes, five max, My internet connection times out on a ping screen. If I immedietly close the application I am running, sometimes my modem can recover. If I don't close it fast enough, I have to do a manual, power switch reboot of the modem. When I do run the client I can search and Download or upload, but then bang, it's gone, no internet. PLEASE HELP, I MISS YOU!!
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