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Default All connection lost every time I do a search

Hello there guys, and thanks for any coming help, I have been using Limewire for a while now and hardly ever have had any troubles, but now things are becoming rather frustrating, lately, in the past i used to have only a modem 56k with AOL and things were going much more faster than it is now with my broadband BT Voyager 205 ASDL.

I sorted out the problem with the firewall so as with the static IP and everything seems to go all right I do get the turbo display and not firewall and apart from sometimes going rather slow my problem is that every time that i try to do a search i loose all the connections that I have it goes for turbo to nothing and it need to start new connections which seems to take forever, not only that but also if any download or upload goes at the moment it get lost, so as you can see it becomes rather frustrating.

Honestly i do not know what could it be the problem as i said i do not have any firewall, and I followed all the instructions from you guys, i have deleted my preference file twice though it seems to work at the beginning after a while when i do a new search, again, the problem appears.

Any suggestions? By the way I have a G5 Mac

Once more thanks for any coming help
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