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You can type in the path to the files, but it is much easier, and free of the possibility of making a mistake, to browse for the fiolder, press select and the exact path will be entered in the box.

I'm guessing it will say for your complete folder c:\shared files\Phex2.8.4.93\all users\my videos but I use a Mac and it may not read quite that... just browse for the folder and you will not have a problem.

When the Boxes are filled. click Apply and then OK .. as you said. I hope that makes sense

Originally Posted by aristofenes
Thank you, Only A Hobo

Can you tell me exactly what the two lines should read in the following dialog box?:
Settings/Options/Directories/Download Folders

Incomplete c:\ ?what goes here?
Completed c:\ ?and what goes here?
When I fill in those 2 lines, do I then click on "Apply" and "OK" at the bottom of the box?
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