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Default LW 4.11.0 (Pro) beta connecting to UltraPeer probs

First Windows XP 5.1 SP2, Cable. Normally 5 UP's only. Intermittently LW gets stuck in "connecting to UltraPeers" state. At this moment I'm connected to 2 UP for 22 mins, 1 for 1hr, and the last for 3hrs. Remaining are 3 attempts to connect hosts using the 0.6 protocol for the last 18 mins. Being in this state also causes attempts at "finding sources" to get stuck also.

I just removed those hosts that were stuck and something interesting just happened. One of my four UP dropped out so while attempting to replace it LW is now stuck trying to connect to 3 hosts. Leaving me with 3 UP connections and no way to kick it back to 5 without shutting down. Am I the only one who has run across this problem?