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Default files not wanting to download from host, even though they show up in a search

I've looked through many of the pages on this fourm to try and find if my problem has been posted already/previously and I didn't find one, so:

I've been having some problems with some files not wanting to download from hosts, even though they show up in a search. I'll do a search for files that I've been trying to download for some time, and on some of them, even though the search has found them, they won't download from the source/host. Even if/when I try to do a "resume" (figureing that that might help getting a connection), it file will only try to connect, then fail and go back to "awaiting sources." I'm running Limewire 4.10.9, Windows XP, and connecting through DSL via a wireless connection to a router. I'm figureing that either the host has set it so that noone can download files from them, or that my IP is being blocked.

Also, I've had some other files download to 100+%, but they wouldn't verify or complete, until I exit and restart Limewire.

Anyone have one or both of these problems too?
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