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I think you're setup is ok but that you're experiencing some of the early bugs in the new Ultrapeer system.

1. Which version of Limewire are you running? The latest version is 2.02 (i.e., no longer a beta version!).
2. Can you see your Connections screen? If not, click on the View pull-down menu and enable it.
3. In the Connections screen, what number is plugged-in to "Keep approx. __ connections up"?
4. In the Connections screen, along the bottom and to the left of the text "Keep approximately...", what mode does it say you're in, e.g. [Client], [Leaf], or [Ultrapeer]?
5. In the Tools / Options / Speed settings, is the checkbox unchecked for "Disable Ultrapeer"?

Now let me repeat back what I am understanding from you (from your post):
- in the Connections screen, you see only one connection and it is labeled "Ultrapeer"
- you're getting fewer search results and upload requests than you're accustomed to

So, I think what's happening is that you're in Leaf mode (meaning you're "slaved" to another machine running in Ultrapeer mode) and that the Ultrapeer isn't doing a good job. This has been my impression of Ultrapeer so far. The only 'solution' is to avoid Leaf mode or to become an Ultrapeer yourself.

- in Tools / Options / Speed, try clicking on the checkbox for "Disable Ultrapeer"
- shutdown Limewire and restart
- you should reconnect to the network and get as many connections as you've requested, eg. 4 Hosts (though I think this might be another bug; it may still act like you're a Leaf and limit you to one host)

Long-term, ie. once Ultrapeer is fixed, it's sort of a toss-up whether or not you want to operate in traditional servent-mode, in Leaf-mode, or in Ultrapeer-mode. Since you're on an ADSL line, you probably want Leaf mode though you could also do traditional mode; Ultrapeer requires more upstream bandwidth than your ADSL provides.