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Originally Posted by sberlin
Well, sorta. You could try and figure out what's preventing your machine from letting a new thread be created. It might be a shortage of RAM, or there's another program running that is using up a lot of memory. I'm not really an expert on Windows internals, so I don't really know what to look for in causing the problem. It is a pretty bad problem though and can have all kinds of weird/ugly consequences in various programs.
Hmm, thanks for this statement. Lets me think whether my BOINC client crushing SETI, Einstein, LHC and climate@home datas on "always run" may have that specific impact. Because I actually thought with 1.024GB Ram I should be on the save side. Upgrading to 2GB Ram might be a solution (or more, if that would be technically possible). Do you think that this also might have an effect on my download speed with LW? Maybe that LW runs out of ram source when sending data portions forth and back??
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