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Originally Posted by sberlin
Hrmph. 1GB of RAM should be enough, and the W2k limit on threads is really very high, so there's no good reason you should be running out of space. All those clients may be using a large amount, but I kinda doubt they'd be using up so much space that you wouldn't be able to create a new thread. Does this error occur often? If so, does it happen if you close your other programs? The error could have an effect on download speed with LW, as right now (in the released versions) it uses a different thread for each source it's downloading from, so if it can't create the thread then it can't download from that source (and can't swarm and raise the speeds as high as it should).
Well, the crashes do not happen that often, let's say every two or tree days once or twice. Since yesterday I've suspended ond closed Boinc. I'm at the moment in a fierce discussion with my ISP, from which I get quite contrary statements in regard to them shaping my bandwidth ranging from denying to confirming, to not being sure if this is being implemented according to their contract rules (I spent 2 hours on the phone yesterday, ending up with not more than I knew before). I'm wondering, is there any way I could measure or test whether they really are shaping my bandwidth? I've made some screen shots from my task manager and from LW but I am not really sure what the information there hint at. Would you mind taking a look at them??
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