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Since my last post from yesterday I've done some things which I now wonder whether they are suitable for other LW users with similar problems?!?
Two days ago, when doing my 1st screen shot of the LW client, I had roughly 0-1kb/s with a "turbo charged' connection (like it was for the last couple of weeks).
And while reading yesterday some of the replies to speed problems and connection problems I used an advice of LOTR to change the listening port from 6346 to 64049 and make a manual port fowarding instead of UPnP.
Furthermore, I got interested in the 'Phex' client by chance and visited their website including their wiki. There I stumbled into tips for optimizing 'Phex' from someone namend Mike (may the Lord bless you:-)). Since I thought what might be good for this program can't hurt for LW, I became specifically interested in his first tip:

1. It appears that Microsoft (if you're using Windows XP this applies to you, otherwise skip to the next one) has decided to limit the number of consecutive connections to the internet to 10. For most users this is fine but when you have a P2P it can bottleneck things. discusses this more in-depth and provides a link to a small utility file which will allow you to edit how many connections you have. I set mine at 100 since the max supported by Phex is 99.

Well, I followed the link and downloaded the small utility and used it.
The result of doing so, since yesterday I've been able to get (at least) 20-30KB/s, as you can see in the screen shot.
And now my question to the developer of LW. Do you think this increase of KB's is just incidentely lucky for my specific case, or do you believe that other users could also profit from using this nice small utility???
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