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Originally posted by Moak
I'm working on new Gnutella statistics.
It's a side project, I let you know as soon I have something. Meanwhile, what makes you think freeloading has changed or has become less. It could be even worse. Sephiroth, currently we have 1 year old data, okay, but everything else are presumptions based on what? Seeing the high amount of busy slots, still, I wonder what makes you think things have changed to the good?
Do you know alot of statistics? I took a semester of it and you got to have a representative sample using a random method in order for it to do any good. If not then it wont accurately measure the network and you just wasted a whole lotta time. Someone here is allready posted a message saying that they are doing a study on this very thing.

Anyways the network at the time those stats where take wasnt in good shape. For one gnutella wasnt easy to use, the orginal servents were still out there and probably most importantly web sites searches weren't being blocked. Which im assuming that you dont know that it was these gnutella web search engines that were the major freeloaders and not gnutella users themselves.. Im talking about web searches on gnutella that would leech off everyone. There are some gnutella searches out there now and thats different. They only search users who let them and so its completely different than back then.

Now thats all changed the network is at least 5 times bigger than it was at that time, web sites are blocked by a majority of gnutella programs so thats taken care of, .56 are also blocked because they were also hurting the network i think it was becuase it was generating too much traffic, and the gnutella programs of today are a whole helluva lot easier to use than they were back then and that attrachs more users.

You cannot measure freeloading on the amount of busies you get. That is pretty funny.. Why because they have to be sharing for you to download off of to get the busy in the first place haha. The idea that less freeloading will make less busies although seems like it work i believe its a myth. Even on programs that do have excessive anti-freeloading features busy downloads are still common. Theres a big difference between Encourageing sharing and Forcing Sharing. Encouarging sharing is a good idea but forcing sharing is not.
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