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Originally posted by Moak
what should I do? Not collecting information about existing statistics projects, not analyze the gnutella protocoll, not helping other people working on statistics project... instead belive in the Bearshare hype and Bearshare will be the big glory? You Bearshare maniacs are really becoming anoying and wasting my time. Eat some sweet Xmas cookies, Hohoho.
Excuse me are you the same moak you got a personal thank you from the xolox team? And now you want to call other people maniacs for other programs. Please point out where i mentioned bearshare in my last post? I didnt and i think your last post was very uncalled for. I never insulted you.

I only asked a few questions on how your statistics thing is being done. Because like i said i took a stats class and considering the reponse i got im guessing you havent.. So i probably could have helped you out on it. Because if it isnt statistically correct then it wont be any use to people like developers and etc.

Ill tell you what you need to be doing to best benifit gnutella. First would be not to say that just because someone doesnt agree with you is a waste of your time. Second would be to stick to the issue and not stoop to insults when you cant defend your position.

Morwgen the last part of my post addressed that very thing. I say that most people believe in exactly what you posted but i have yet to see it actually work in any p2p program out today even ones with a ton of anti-freeloading features so i think its a myth. Even if you or moak dont agree with it i still dont think that it was appropiate for moak to post insults like that towards me.
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