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Originally Posted by birdy
Are you trying to connect on a network? If you're just on a single computer, are you logged in as an administrator?
What are your details?

OS(Win XP etc)
LW & Java version (help > about LW & you'll see)
Firewall you're using
Modem/router brand & model
Connection type (DSL etc)
Where you connect from (home, school etc)
Are you sharing a connection with other computers
Is this your first try with LW

I don't really have that much of a clue but this info will help anyone else who might know a bit more

Win XP
LimeWire 4.10.9 Java 1.5.0_03
Windows firewall? Sygate's on my computer as well.
Wireless network connection from home and I'm sharing it with other computers.

I just came back from college, and I had to download a program to use their network. And I couldn't use limewire at college because that program wouldn't allow it. Could that still be an issue?
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