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Originally posted by Moak
Sephir please stop it.

When you come back with arguments + a friendly voice + and helping other users, then I will be very glad. But just repeating Vinnie's voice is not interesting, really! If you're interested in my statistics investigations, ask friendly. During holidays I don't expect more replies, but in a first step I tried to contact every existing Gnutella statistics projects, Limewire's host count, Gnucleus network mapping, visualisation projects, crawler etc.
Morwgen i dont want to hear about your problems on that has no relevence here. Thats how it happened to you but thats not how it appears to many others. You went on a little tyrate based on 100% of heresay which you cannot back up and prove at all.

Me stop it, moak your the one dishing out the insults dont try to blame me for what you started. And yet you continue on insulting me. Get this through yer little head. I am not vinnie. I guess its easier for you to just call me a troll and drone for vinnie than it is to respond to my arguement which you have still failed to do. Im not the one starting crap by calling people troll and drones here so im not the one who needs to stop it.

You say you want to have constructive discussions and yet you roll out the troll insults whever someone says something you dont agree with. Just because i dont post what you want to hear or you dont understand doesnt mean that its has no worth, and it sure doesnt give you the right to start insulting me.
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