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Moaks's list of Anti-freeloading features on Gnutella

Here is a list of collected ideas and features, anything missed?

A Anti-Freeloading features, allready established in common servants:
* Block downloads from web browsers (and web search interfaces)
* Remind user to stay online before quiting, when ppl still download

B Freeloader-friendly Anti-freeloading approaches:
* Chat between clients (community feature)
* Specialized horizons (community feature)
* Showing a Gnutella Karma or Generosity Indicator
* Encourage cooperative beaviour (splash screen, online help, teach sharing etc)

C Freeloader-friendly Anti-freeloading approaches + force sharing:
* Swarming with tiny minimum bandwith (especially for modem users)
* Minimum upload bandwith (as eDonkey/Xolox does, calculated from download)
* Minimum upload bandwith with more AI (detecting user/bandwith idle and then share with much higher bandwith)
* Prevent zero upload slots (together with minnimum upload bandwith)
* Automatically share download folder
* Develop/Implement new technical features for better bandwith use (superpeers, hashs etc)

D Freeloader-unfriendly Anti-freeloading approaches:
* Block anyone sharing less files from connecting/downloading
* Mojos or upload/download ratios
* Run Gnutella as a background service and share automatically when online.

E Unrecommended/Stupid Anti-freeloading approaches (Klingon style):
* Block all low bandwith users, share only with cable/DSL/highspeed users
* Flood and kick remaining freeloaders with distributed DoS
* Let freeloader connect, but don't send/route search results targeted to them (drive them crazy)
* A TTL1/TTL2 crawler which hunts freeloaders and automatically launches aggresive countermeasures
* Be selfish too and stop sharing files

"Make Gnutella a better place, for you and for me" (Michael Jackson, very free interpretation)

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