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Originally Posted by terryt
There is no foolproff way to use P2P so be careful

Your right i tend to get 100% on the audio files i have downloaded about 50 songs for a cd compilation and one song wasn't what it said it was.Thats not bad going really i just pr-view the songs and if it's not the song i want or not the right version i cancel.The main problem is videos i keep getting the dancing girl video or on images the congratulations you have won picture annoying but it is free what do you expect?.
That's what Bitzi is for. Also look at filesize. Ain't familiar with the Dancing Girl video but if it is that widespread then I'm sure its on Bitzi.

In video it would be best to stick with .avi .mkv and mp4 files. Or on a few occations Mpg or Mpeg. The rest is 99% porn or currupt.

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